Ultimate Guide to Ring Size & Width

Embarking on the journey to find the perfect wedding ring is a process of self-discovery or understanding your partner's style. Your wedding ring will become a cherished part of your everyday life, so finding a comfortable and long-lasting fit is crucial. This ultimate guide is here to help you find your dream wedding ring.

What's your hand type?

People's hands can be categorized into two types based on their knuckle size:

Big-knuckle hand: those with larger knuckles compared to the base of fingers, and those with smaller knuckles. 




For individuals with big knuckles, the rule of thumb is to find a ring that comfortably slides over the knuckle without being too loose at the base










Small-knuckle hand: If you have slim fingers, you may have experienced the frustration of rings spinning or slipping off. The rule of thumb is to prevent the ring from sliding off your finger while maintaining overall comfort.







Do you know your finger would change during the day? 

Humidity, and Temperature:

  •  Factors like humidity and temperature can cause your fingers to swell or shrink temporarily. Does your ring feel tighter during summer?
  •  Consider a slightly looser fit during hot and humid weather or when you anticipate bloating while ensuring the ring remains secure under normal conditions.

Time of the Day and Circulation:

  • Fingers may slightly fluctuate in size throughout the day due to changes in body temperature and blood circulation. It's totally normal if your fingers swell after sleep or fly.
  • Try measuring your finger in the afternoon or evening when your fingers are typically at their largest.

Exercise and Salt Intake:

  •  Physical activity and consuming salty foods can cause temporary finger swelling. Swollen fingers on a hike, run, or other exercise. 
  •  Opt for a ring size that accommodates your finger's largest state to ensure a comfort-fit for your active lifestyle.



Wide Ring vs Thin Ring? 

The most common range for men's wedding bands falls between 6 to 8 millimeters. This width is considered a standard choice and appeals to a wide range of tastes and styles.

Wide-style wedding bands, typically measuring 8mm or more in width, makes a bold statement on the finger. The substantial width adds a touch of masculinity. The only downside would be that wider rings are harder to take off and fit more snugly than narrow bands. They are particularly suited for individuals with larger hands or longer fingers.

titanium wedding ring with Deer Antler and Black Onyx

Narrow thin-style rings, typically measuring 4mm or less in width, offer a more delicate and understated look. They are sleek, minimalist, and perfect for those who prefer a subtle and refined style. Narrow rings are versatile and can complement a variety of hand sizes and finger shapes. They are well-suited for individuals who prefer a more discreet or comfortable fit, as they allow for greater flexibility and ease of movement.

Knowing Your finger size

Choosing the right fit for your wedding ring is crucial, as it enhances both aesthetics and ensures a comfortable and worry-free wearing experience. That's why we're thrilled to introduce our test rings, designed to simplify your ring sizing process. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Download our printable size guide. Click here!

This guide will give an initial idea of your ring size. It's an essential tool to kickstart your journey toward finding the perfect fit.

Ring Packaging | Sesto Synergy | Jewelry Certificate Card | Customized Ring

Step 2: Order our free test rings. Click here!

Our test rings are a collection of five metal rings, each made to be subtly different in size by 1/4 increments. We offer a range of widths, from 2mm to 10mm, allowing you to explore various options and find the width best suits your style.

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The best part of our ring sizer is that there's no need to return and you can keep them! 

With our test rings, you can take the guesswork out of sizing and confidently choose the perfect fit for your wedding ring. Begin your journey towards finding the ideal fit by downloading our printable size guide and ordering our free test ring today. 


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