Sample Ring Sizers

  • Sample Ring Sizers

Sample Ring Sizers


We understand the worry about buying custom rings online. There are 40+ sizes to choose from and it is a stressful task. We always recommend going to visit at least 2 local reputable jewelers to get your finger sized. Always make sure to try rings of the same width and fit of the ring you intend to buy, as these are factors that influence your ring size.

We make the process bulletproof by sending you a set of metal sample rings. Choose the size you believe fits you best and we will send you 5 rings that all vary ¼ size from each other and include the size you selected as well. You will also be able to select the width between 3,5 and 7mm. If you are buying a ring that is not exactly that width, kindly select the closest one.

By using this service you are able to try on these rings for a few days to really get a feel of which size fits best all day long especially in the morning when you wake up as fingers tend to get swollen at that time of the day.

This is stress free service as we will provide you with a prepaid shipping label that you can use to send the set of rings back to us, contact us once you are ready to send them back. There will be a $50 deposit which will be credited back towards the purchase of your ring once we receive the sample rings back. Shipping is included and you can try on the sample rings for up to 5 days before having to return them to be eligible for the credit

For now, the service is only available to customers purchasing from the US.

  • Sample rings sizers are available to guarantee your ring fits you perfectly! These are manufactured by us in our shop. This service is free of charge and you only pay for a deposit. Click here to check out this service!

  • Upgrade your packaging to a luxurious ring box that can accommodate up to 2 rings. The ring box comes in a sleeve. Click here to check out this service!

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