Twill Carbon Fiber Ring with Crushed T-Rex & Turquoise Inlays and Thuya Inner Sleeve, Asymmetric Design

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✯ Specs

◎ Core Ring:

Twill Carbon Fiber

⟷ Width:


⑉ Design:


◈ Inlays:

Crushed T-Rex & Turquoise

❍ Inner Sleeve: Thuya
︽ Profile: Flat
║Finish: Polished
⌯ Fit: Comfort

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Things to consider

when choosing your perfect ring size


Thinner-styled rings fit smaller than wider rings. This is because wider rings cover more surface area of the skin, requiring more room to fit comfortably. We offer styles of rings ranging from 2mm to 10mm, so it is important to try on sizers of the same width you plan to buy.

1/4 Size

Rings offered in 1/4 sizes actually make a big difference for comfort. You will notice once you try our test rings. Often, brands only offer half sizes, which limits your options to discover the perfect size for you.

Time of the day

Finger size can vary throughout the day. When you receive the test rings, we encourage you to wear the one that feels right for a day or two. You want to ensure you are comfortable wearing your ring at all times.


There are a few different profiles that rings can be made with: standard, court, comfort etc. Profiles also vary between manufacturers. Our kits are made by us with the exact same inside profile as our final product.



Let my husband pick out his own ring for our wedding, and he absolutely loves it! He has gotten so many compliments and he loves being able to talk about the dinosaur bone. lol


My husband chose the forged carbon with tamarind wood. He liked that they had thinner bands and a variety of sizes available. It's excellent quality, fits comfortably, and he's very happy with the ring!


Great option for a sleek light weight wedding ring! My husband loves it.


I placed a custom order and it was super easy! The ring they made was exactly what i was looking for!! Thank you


This ring turned out to be perfect! Light and very comfortable for my soon to be husband.


My (now) husband loves his ring. The black onyx has a beautiful subtle pattern that I couldn't find in other black men's rings online. I love that I was able to order a quarter size since my husband is a 10.25, which I couldn't find anywhere, not even from professional jewelers in my city.


It‘s been the most wonderful experience ordering this ring an giving it to my fiance as a mangagement ring 😍 I am so immensly greatful for the way the ring turned out, he is so happy with it!! Thank you so much 🥰


Super high quality, he absolutely loves the ring he doesn't want to stop looking at it.


We love this ring! Very beautiful